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Polydioxanone Violet

Absorbable Surgical Suture > Surgnon (Polydioxanone Violet)

Product Code: SPQ 4842
Product Description:

Polydioxanone Violet,USP Size-1,Suture length-76cm, Needle Description-1/2circle round bodied-40mm(Heavy).

Product Details:
Generic Name Polydioxanone Violet
USP Size 1
Suture Length 76
Needle Description 1/2 circle round bodied-40mm.

MRP ₹ 8500.00/Box
Sale Price ₹ 1050.00/Box
Offer Price ₹ 850.00/Box
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Today Extra Discount ₹ 200 OFF
You save ₹ 7650/Box

Distinctive Features:
  1. Imported Suture with SS 300 series needle which is very good in tissue penetration.
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